Impressive Mizhhirya: The «must watch» during a vacation in Transcarpathia

Mizhhirya is a picturesque village, which we advise you to visit as soon as possible during your vacation in Transcarpathia. Here you will find the magic of the mountains, clean air, spring water and magical nature.

Mizhhirya is located in the valley of the river Rika, surrounded by the mountains Borzhava and Gorgany. This place has earned the love of tourists primarily due to popular tourist routes like Lake Synevyr, Synevyr National Park and the Rehabilitation Center of Brown Bears. Also not far from the village are located famous ski routes to the mountains Makovytsia and Gemba.

Let's walk the paths of the majestic mountains together and stop in Mizhhirya and nearby places.

Lake Synevir

Everyone has heard about the deepest and largest lake in Ukraine. The lake was formed 10 thousand years ago at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. This is a business card of the Carpathians for the most valuable treasure of the Synevyr National Nature Park. We definitely recommend you to visit it during your vacation in Transcarpathia!

Kolochava village

The village is located near Lake Synevyr. Here is a famous ethnographic monument - the ethno-museum "Old Village". The museum is the first place in Transcarpathia where the material, cultural and spiritual life in Verkhovyna is recreated. Visitors will be able to move to the house of 30-40 years of the XX century, which contains tools from all over the country and the house of the Hungarian gendarmerie.

Mount Gemba

Colorful carpets of grasses surrounded by beech forest - this is what one of the highest mountains (1491 m) of the Polonyna Borzhava massif looks like in summer. And in winter on the mountain is the longest ski slope (3.5 km). 8 lifts lead to it at once. Those who have chosen a holiday in Transcarpathia should come here.

Thermal springs in the village of Velyatino

In the village of Velyatino there are Terminal springs with mineral water, which has a unique composition and high content of iron and iodine. The depth of the well of the Veliatyn field is 100 meters, the temperature of the thermal baths is 36-38 °C. Immersion in the source has a healing effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, effective treatment of gynecological diseases and reducing the amount of substances.

Shipit waterfall

Among the mighty forests at a distance of 30 km from Mizhhiria is located waterfall, which is known for its fascinating cascades of water. The height of the waterfall is 14 meters. During holidays in Transcarpathia, tourists come here even in winter, but the best views open in spring.

Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center

The center is located in the natural park "Synevir" and occupies 12 hectares. More than twenty brown bears live on the territory of the rehabilitation center, for which the

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