Salt room in the hotel "Living Water" in Transcarpathia

Salt room

The salt room at «Zhyva Voda» hotel and wellness complex is a complete imitation of a natural salt cave. It is also called the halocamera and has a unique non-drug and prophylactic treatment.

The air in our salt room is saturated with saline salt ions, which has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal action, improves and restores blood circulation, regenerates collagen, stimulates cell growth, improves metabolism in the body.

The main indications
visiting a salt room

  • Acute and chronic diseases of ENT-organs
  • acute and chronic rhinitis
  • pharyngitis
  • laryngitis
  • tracheitis
  • sinusitis
  • adenoids
  • polynomials

Cost of service

Cost - 100 UAH for 45 minutes