Finnish sauna at the Zhivaya Voda hotel in Zacarpathia

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna benefits

  • Provides total body relaxation
  • Improves the emotional state;
  • Stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes;
  • Eliminates toxins from the body;
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases performance
  • Allows you to recover from heavy loads;
  • Promotes intense weight loss.

Finnish sauna cost

For guests staying at the hotel, use of the sauna is free
For people who are not guests of the hotel 300 UAH. in 3 hours

Finnish sauna rules

  • you should enter the steam room only after a shower;
  • before entering, you need to remove the jewelry;
  • hair must be covered with a cap, slippers on your feet;
  • in the steam room you need to find a comfortable place, lie down and completely relax;
  • in between visits to the steam room, you need to drink a lot of liquid;
  • it is advisable to take food in the sauna, since its use creates an additional burden on the body;
  • cooling water procedures should be taken between measures;
  • upon completion of the procedures, you must take a shower;
  • in general, you can stay in the sauna for no more than three hours.