Roman bath in the spa hotel "Zhyva Voda" - for your health and beauty
There is a Roman bath in the spa hotel "Zhyva Voda". Today we will talk about its useful properties and features of visiting.
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Spa in Transcarpathia - a recipe for good mood and well-being
It is a very good idea to combine a vacation in the amazing Transcarpathia with recovery and strengthening of immunity, to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and to regain strength! The recipe is as follows: spa treatments at the Living Water Hotel. More about them in this article.
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Up: Overview of the most popular mountain lifts in Transcarpathia
If you prefer skiing and mountains you should visit Transcarpathia in winter. Better than mountains are lifts, which bring you up to the peak of the mountain. And after..unforgettable skiing on snowy slops. In this article we’ll talk about lifts to the most popular Transcarpathian mountains.
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Impressive Mizhhirya: The «must watch» during a vacation in Transcarpathia
Mizhhirya is a picturesque village, which we advise you to visit as soon as possible during your vacation in Transcarpathia. Here you will find the magic of the mountains, clean air, spring water and magical nature
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Carpathian vat: the healing power of water for healing and rejuvenation
Everyone knows about bathes in Transcarpathia, but do you know what is Carpathian vat? Tourists of the hotel and health complex "Zhyva Voda" know what is it, because every our guest can’t stand trying it in our complex
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Active recreation in Transcarpathia in winter: what to ride, except for skiing
Transcarpathia is known as happy to welcome guests, because it has something to treat, delight and entertain. Winter entertainment during a vacation in Transcarpathia isn’t just traditional skiing. But what else?
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