Spa in Transcarpathia - a recipe for good mood and well-being

Spa in Transcarpathia - a recipe for good mood and well-being

It is a very good idea to combine a vacation in the amazing Transcarpathia with recovery and strengthening of immunity, to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and to regain strength! The recipe is as follows: spa treatments at the Living Water Hotel. More about them in this article. 

Lounge area at the spa hotel

We offer you to see incredible views that are impossible not to admire during your rest in our lounge area. On the second floor of the hotel there is a lounge area, which is a part of the SPA. Have rest on comfortable sunbeds, relax, looking at the mountain scenery that opens from the window. Read a favorite book, listen to music on headphones or have a delicious cocktail - all this is possible in the lounge area of the Spa hotel "Zhyva Voda". 


We recomend you to relax and get huge emotional pleasure in our outdoor heated Jacuzzi. Rest after hard work, reboot and regain strength is so nice and necessary. Hot tubs tone the body, relax nerve endings, relieve muscle tension.


In Spa Hotel «Zhyva Voda» there are 3 saunas: Finnish, Roman and infrared. Bath procedures heal and rejuvenate the body. Visiting the bath helps to clean the pores, increase skin elasticity, activate metabolic processes, normalize the sebaceous glands, lose excess weight.

Carpathian vats

A huge tub filled with spring cold water that gradually heats up to 40-42 degrees while you are in it. There are stones at the bottom of the vat that protect against burns. Heating reveals the healing power of water, so such bathing has a healing and rejuvenating effect. The work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems improves, fatigue disappears, new energy appears, mood improves, immunity is strengthened, and so on. 

Salt room

This is a specific room in which a special microclimate is artificially created, which mimics the conditions in underground salt caves. The indoor air is saturated with fine salt particles using a halogen generator. The result is a favorable ionic composition of air for humans.

At Spa Hotel «Zhyva Voda», visitors breathe the vapors of Solotvyno salt. Water from Solotvyno salt lakes is highly mineralized, sodium chloride and healing. The saline solution contains rare elements: bromine, fluorine, cesium, silicon and others. The air, saturated with ions of Solotvyno salt, has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal action, improves blood circulation and metabolism. The main indications for visiting the salt room are allergies, dermatological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neuroses. 

Rest in Transcarpathia in "Zhyva Voda" hotel

In our spa hotel every tourist will find something . In addition to our  SPA, we offer you to have rest in a swimming pool, two restaurants, a playground. There are lifts to the famous ski slopes near the hotel. "Zhyva Voda"  is a combination of active recreation in Transcarpathia with a calm recovery and recovery of the body. Are waiting for you!