Hiking season in the mountains is in full swing! Pack your backpack, because we are ready to advise you the best routes to visit, during your vacation in Transcarpathia. Some of them are right next to the SPA Hotel “Zhyva Voda”.

Polonyna Borzhava - rest in Transcarpathia

Polonyna Borzhava is the second highest mountain in Transcarpathia. Borzhava is located between the rivers Latorytsia and Rika. There are some famous places in this area: Pylypets, Podobovets, Roztoky, Izky.
Of course, it is impossible to walk around the whole half in one day. Therefore, we suggest starting with Mount Gimba, which impresses travelers with its scale and attractive panoramas.

Mount Gimba is one of the highest mountains of Polonyna Borzhava, 1491 meters high. There is a charming beech forest around the mountain, and carpets of weeds on top. Come and visit this place to enjoy the unsurpassed panoramas of the mountains, walk through the vast meadows and have an unforgettable outdoor picnic at the peak. On the northern slopes of Gimba is one of the most famous waterfalls in Ukraine - Shipit.

Shipit Waterfall - rest in Transcarpathia

Visiting Shipit Waterfall is included in the excursion to Mount Gimba.
Shipit, one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, is located on the northern slopes of Polonyna Borzhava, among steep cliffs and forests. You can look at the waterfall from above and below. Tourists like to watch the rapid flow of water, and then buy souvenirs and pause for lunch in a traditional hut.

Mountain range Pishkonya and Lake Dyke

This mountain range is located in the southeastern part of the Mizhhirya district, it is part of the Gorgan massif. Also nearby you can visit Synevyr National Nature Park. If you start your walk from the village, Synevyr, you have to overcome nearby 8 kilometers to reach the top of the ridge. You can also start the climb from the Kolochava village.

The largest peaks of Pyshkonya are Negrovets (1707 m), Yasnovets (1600 m), Darvayka (1502 m). Climbing the mountains, you will be enchanted by the surrounding landscapes. The juniper forest reaches almost to the top. And if you want to spend the night on the ridge, you will see an amazing dawn.
The Pyshkonya ridge is about 23 km from the SPA Hotel «Zhyva Voda».

Synevyr pass

Synevyr, also known as Mizhhirya Pass, and it is considered as the gateway to the plains of Transcarpathia. The height of the pass is about 800 meters above sea level. Travelers come here to enjoy the incredible view from the top. In winter you can go skiing and snowboarding, and in summer you can have fun walking through the picturesque meadows.
Why stop at the pass?
• To take pictures of beautiful mountain panoramas.
• Visit the church at the top and visit the observation deck.
• Delicious lunch.

Rest in Transcarpathia - features of hiking

Hiking in the mountains can last one day or several nights in tents. You can plan the route yourself (we do not recommend if you are not local and poorly oriented), or with an experienced guide. The duration of the tour is from 5 hours to several days. Departure time by prior arrangement. Transport - minibus or car. Lunch break is possible. We organize both individual and group trips. Contact the SPA Hotel “Zhyva Voda” for excursions. Have a nice trip!
SPA Hotel “Zhyva Voda” is located in the heart of Transcarpathia – Mizhgirya village. In our Hotel there are:
• two restaurants: Ukrainian and European;
• Large pool with five lanes
• own SPA-complex;
• Carpathian vat;
• salt room;
• wood-burning bathhouse;
• gym;
• parking with 24-hour security.