Want to go on a drive trip that will be remembered for a long time? We offer to try active recreation in Transcarpathia on ATVs and enduro. The picturesque Carpathians with their mountainous and forest-swampy areas are the best solution to feel what real steep descents and ascents are like.

ATVs and Еnduro in the mountains: features of transport
ATVs - four-wheeled motorcycles that have high adaptability, allow you to easily maneuver and pass difficult places in any area, even in the mountains. Another feature of ATVs - ease of operation.
Enduro - a motorcycle that is designed for off-road riding. The name came from the many-day long-distance sports on difficult roads. The cross took place not only on motorcycles, but also on bicycles and cars. Enduro has a reliable and low-noise engine, high and wide steering wheel, rigid steel frame, well-developed ground treads.

What are the dificulties of recreation in Transcarpathia on motorcycles and Еnduro?

The main difficulty is that hotels in Transcarpathia usually do not accept guests who want such extreme entertainment - there are no special parking lots, conditions and the desire to receive "dirty" tourists and bulky equipment. But in the SPA Hotel "Zhyva Voda" we are ready to meet you with your equipment and advise the most interesting routes.

Active rest in Transcarpathia: where to ride ATVs and Enduro

In Transcarpathia there are many locations for quad biking and enduro. So thrill seekers can try their hand. Routes vary in duration and complexity. There are simple for beginners and more difficult for experienced drivers.

The most popular recreation areas in Transcarpathia are routes in the direction of Borzhavske Polonyny and Voevodino tract. On ATVs and enduros you can see Veretsky Pass and ride the longest in Transcarpathia Borzhavsky mountain range.
The Borzhava mountain range has a length of 50 km with a zone of beech forests up to 1200 m high. There are mountain meadows above. In general, the Borzhavska mountain meadow is smooth, there are many wide peaks. The exception is the Velykyi Verkh ridge, which has very steep slopes and a narrow ridge. We recommend riding ATVs in the mountains Velykyi Verkh, Plai, Stoy, Temnatyk. Amazing landscapes at speed will give even brighter emotions!
The duration of riding can be several hours or several weeks with breaks.

Holidays in Transcarpathia - to see the beauty at speed

Want to take a unique chance to test your endurance among the picturesque Carpathians? Take your "iron horse", friends and good mood. And we invite you to stay together with your own ATVs and enduro at the SPA Hotel “Zhyva Voda!”

•We are not afraid of dirt and will find a place for your equipment in a large parking lot.
In our two restaurants you can taste delicious dishes of Ukrainian, Transcarpathian and European cuisines.
• It is possible to have a good rest after active rest in Transcarpathia on quad bikes and enduro in comfortable hotel rooms.
• To restore strength after motorcycle adventures we offer in the spa complex - Finnish bath, Roman steam room, massage room, jacuzzi and lounge area.