Roman bath in the spa hotel "Zhyva Voda" - for your health and beauty

Roman bath in the spa hotel "Zhyva Voda" - for your health and beauty

There is a Roman bath in the spa hotel "Zhyva Voda". Today we will talk about its useful properties and features of visiting.

What is a Roman Bath?

This is a room with marble sunbeds that are heated from the inside. The steam room is heated by dry hot air. Humidity in the room - about 100%, while the temperature in it reaches 45-65 degrees. This is how the Roman bath differs from other types of baths. The peculiarity of the steam room is that it is always created from natural stone, most often from marble or granite. Under the floor in the Roman bath there are stoves and boilers with water, and steam enters through pipes.

And after guests of the SPA can cool off in the pools with different water temperatures

Roman bath will improve your health:

  • Removal of toxins from the body due to very active sweating.
  • Physical and mental stress is eliminated, muscle tone disappears.
  • Inhalation of moist air clears the airways, dilutes and expels sputum.
  • Dead skin cells soften and are easily removed.
  • Improves blood circulation and tissue trophism.
  • Dissolves and removes salts.
  • Elimination of edema by removing excess fluid from the body.
  • Extra relaxation if you use a variety of herbal infusions and aromatic oils.

Roman bath in cosmetology

If we talk about the best bath for beauty, cosmetologists recommend Roman. Influence for your body is great: the pores open, thanks to which the skin of the face and body is cleansed of toxins.

After visiting the Roman bath, the skin tone is evened out, it becomes healthy and radiant, the oily shine disappears. You can achieve the best effect if you do masks and peels during the session.

The Roman bath in the spa hotel is also recommended as a safe method of combating extra pounds. The procedure removes salt deposits, water and toxins from the body, normalizing metabolic processes.

Rules for visiting the Roman steam room in the spa hotel

  • The number of events in the steam room should not exceed three times for 15 minutes.
  • The interval between each event should be 20-30 minutes.
  • There is a high risk of dehydration due to heavy sweating, so we recommend drinking plenty of warm fluids (do not drink cold water).
  • It is undesirable to eat before and during the visit to the Roman bath, because it is an additional burden on the body.


Mix of spa relaxation with amazing mountain scenery, clear water and fresh air is your «must have» to get recuperate.

The 4-star Spa Hotel «Zhyva Voda» is located in the heart of Transcarpathia, on the banks of the Rika River. Here you will find:

  • two restaurants: Ukrainian and European;
  • 25-meter pool with five lanes;
  • own SPA-complex;
  • massage room;
  • gym;
  • salt room;
  • Carpathian vats


Interesting leisure and quiet rest is guaranteed in our SPA hotel «Zhyva Voda». We are waiting for you!