Up: Overview of the most popular mountain lifts in Transcarpathia

Up: Overview of the most popular mountain lifts in Transcarpathia

If you prefer skiing and mountains you should visit Transcarpathia in winter. Better than mountains are lifts, which bring you up to the peak of the mountain. And after..unforgettable skiing on snowy slops. In this article we’ll talk about lifts to the most popular Transcarpathian mountains.

Holidays in Transcarpathia - lifts to Mount Gimba

The mountain is located on the border of Svalyava and Mizhhirya districts of Zakarpattia region. Gimba is one of the highest peaks of the Polonyna Borzhava massif. Height - 1491 meters. Distance from the spa hotel "Zhyva Voda" - 22 km.

The resort has 7 lifts:

  • 1 double chair lift in the center of the resort with a height of 1650 meters;
  • 6 tow lifts with a total length of 5260 meters, which belong to different owners.


On the territory of the complexes and on the way to the lift (near the market) there are rental points where you can rent skis, snowboards, sledges, accessories and clothes.

The total length of trails on Mount Gimba - more than 10 thousand meters. The longest of them is 5 thousand meters. Skiers and snowboarders can go down several trails of varying difficulty. After climbing the longest tow lift, you can go down two ski slopes. Experienced skiers will enjoy the descent under the chairlift "love trail", the central and forest trails, and the trail under the smallest ski lift is the best for training and beginners.

Features of work:

  • first aid is provided, the local rescue service works;
  • there is parking for cars;
  • the storage chamber works;
  • instructor services


Cost: in advance for the rental of an adult set - 150-250 UAH per day, children's - up to 150 UAH per day.

Opening hours: 09:30-17:00.

Lift to Makovytsia mountain

Mount Makovytsia is located in Mizhhirya, only 4 kilometers from the spa hotel "Zhyva Voda". Height - 750 meters. You can go skiing on Makovytsia at the ski resorts "ALLIANCE" and "KAMYANKA".

Rest in Transcarpathia - ski resort "ALLIANCE"

There is one three-chair lift 950 meters long.

On skis or snowboards you can go down quite wide and long trails. Intermediate level trails (two main ones with the possibility of moving) pass between the trees. So you will get a unique experience and see wonderful landscapes. The length of the descents is 2000-2300 meters. There is also black trail 1.5 km long for most experienced skiers.

Other features:

  • Near the lower lift station there are: a hut, a room with ski equipment rental, a cafe, a cash register and a medical point; there is a diagram of the mountain.
  • At the upper lift station there is an observation deck with mountain views, there is a cafe.
  • There are instructors who can help you learn to ski, the snowmobile works.
  • There is a rescue service and car parking.


Cost: 20 UAH for one lift and 300 UAH per day.

Opening hours: 09:00-16:00.

Rest in Transcarpathia - ski resort "KAMIANKA"

The resort has one ski lift 680 meters long. Distance from the hotel and spa complex "Zhyva Voda" - 12 km.

The trail is a bit hilly, so it is designed for skiing fans. Here you can go down a relatively steep mid-level route. There is also an opportunity for ski training - the slope is gentle down.

  • There is a ski equipment rental point (ski set – 100 UAH).
  • You can use the services of an instructor (by arrangement). A snowmobile works on the mountain.


Cost: 8 UAH for one lift and 150 UAH per day.

Opening hours: 11:00-17:00.

Rest in Transcarpathia - a lift to Mount Magura

The mountain is 20 km from our hotel. Its height is 1369 meters.

There are 2 lifts in the resort:

  • double chairlift - 1500 meters
  • tow - 150 meters
  • there used to be another tow lift, which is now out of order - 950m.


In the territory of the complex there are rental points where you can rent skis, snowboards, sledges, tubes, accessories and clothes. Ski slopes "Izki" are located on the slopes of Mount Magura, from which you can move to Mount Gimbu, where are the slopes of the resort Pylypets.


  • The resort's trails have a light and medium level of difficulty, width - about 200 m, length of the longest - almost 3000 meters. Therefore, in "Izki" will be interesting for both beginners and experienced skiers.
  • There are snow cannons on the mountain, a snowmobile is working. Night lighting is available only on a small hill, at the "tow".
  • There is parking for cars, a medical center, a ski school and instructor services.


Opening hours: 09: 00-17: 00

We hope that our review of the lifts that are worth getting to during your vacation in Transcarpathia was useful for you. We are waiting for you in the spa hotel "Ярнмф Мщвф", where you can relax after an active vacation in the mountains, eat and recuperate in the salt room, Carpathian tubs, jacuzzi and bath!